dragomante vol. 1

Published by Comic Heart & A Seita in 2018. In the kingdom of Armitaunin, Nereila, a young Dragomancer, finally completes her arduous training, together with Ékión, her Squire, who must protect her from any danger… and from herself. Because the Dragomancers, who defend humanity from the threat of dragons, can pose an even greater danger than these, if the fire that burns in their veins is ignited in them: dragon fire. In the case of Nereila-the first female Dragomancer in centuries-the consequences could be even more drastic, when her father’s sins come back to haunt her. And Ékión, her Squire, doesn’t know if she’s up to the task-or even if she wants to. And if the dragon’s fire is kindled in Nereila, Armitaunin and the whole world may burn.